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April 8, 2024


Building a Digital Marketing Agency in Public | February 2024

Ever wondered how to create a digital marketing agency? What happens behind the scenes?

Well, we decided to build this digital agency in the open, showing the good and the bad behind Uzumibi Agency, our baby.

This update comes straight from the hearts (and keyboards) of our entire team, so be ready for a lot of “we” and not so much of “I”.

Buckle up! Let’s go!

The lows

Portfolio is sort of empty:

One challenge we've faced is clients hesitating to showcase our work on our public portfolio. This is frustrating as it can hinder our success and create misconceptions about our agency's credibility.

We're actively brainstorming solutions, though navigating client preferences adds an extra layer of complexity. Is this a pain? Yes, Do we have a solution? not yet.

Cold Emailing hurts:

Reflecting on our experiences with cold emailing in late 2023, we discovered it wasn't our preferred approach. We dislike getting those emails yet we tried out luck on those.

Despite targeted efforts and a really good strategy behind them, we faced radio silence beyond 1 automated response. Authentic connections matter more to us than cold outreach and you will see it in the highs section.

The Payday that never comes:

Since kicking off in August 2023, our team hasn't taken home a paycheck yet. Of course, we have been on and off working on projects here - since we have our main jobs elsewhere until Uzumibi Agency starts breaking even.

All earnings we’ve had have gone into initial investments.

The money… well, it has yet to arrive. We’re working hard for it.

Still not full-time:

our objective is to work at Uzumibi Agency full-time. Simple as that. We love what we have here. We know we can make a difference. We need chances though. And those are taking their time to appear.

All our team works for other companies out there. This is a big reason why you won't see photos of us - for the time being, for as long as we are employed by those companies -, as some of our employers are not that big fans of us having side hustles.

We promise you’ll see our faces when we have everything sorted out. In the meantime, enjoy my bluntness and sassiness.

The highs

One-on-One conversations:

In February, we embraced a personal touch with potential clients, resulting in 3 promising calls. Two of them were fruitful connections for potential collaborations, and one opened the door to a potential client. Our website development services stole the spotlight once again!

At the same time, we may have a potential client wanting our content creation services! We know we shouldn’t be this excited but oh boy, we like to see things changing.

Webflow is good. Webflow is love:

Great news! We've just completed a proposal focusing on Webflow website development. It's fantastic to see the growing interest in this service among business owners. We want more and more business owners to understand how smooth and easy to use webflow is while being a strong option for Wordpress.

And that’s all for this update!

If you have feedback or know someone in need of top-notch web and app development or content creation, connect with us! We're ready to bring you exceptional services and share the exciting news of our first paycheck.

Building a digital marketing agency is not easy but we aim at making this our full-time job.

Let’s keep on working hard!

We hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look and look forward to our monthly updates!

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