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July 8, 2024


Building a Digital Marketing Agency in Public | June 2024

June was a quieter month in comparison with May. 

We focused more on improving our workflow, people tried to almost ask us to pay for work, created an Upwork profile we sent proposals and… continue to be ghosted after being told that “We want your services”.

Is this almost like slapstick comedy by now? Perhaps, yes.

Let’s talk about the lows and the highs (We have to wrap up with the good stuff):


Portuguese clients started approaching us because of our work and… demanding we lower our rates because they are “doing us a favor by giving us work”

Oh boy, we could write a non-fiction book about this and it wouldn’t still be enough. 

Portuguese clients have been disrespectful. There, we’ve said it.

It pains us to say it - because we’re from Portugal - but oh boy do they want a ton of value for cheap change, completely spitting on your hard work saying it is “not worth the money we’re charging”.

It is frustrating wanting to serve clients in our home country, do this for a living, and then… get this kind of “welcome”.

People work hard to become experts. 

People work even harder to launch their businesses.

And then, these companies or people come and just complain that you’re charging too high - when the price is actually the lowest we can give before we starting paying from our pocket to work.

Honestly, we will be much more detailed in our screening of potential clients from this point on to stop spending hours creating proposals just to be… haggled or ghosted soon after.

We’re not a bargain shop, friends. We’re an agency that has to pay for salaries, tools and expertise. Remember that.


A big app launch for Fastclip

It’s no secret by now that we have been lending our content strategy and creation talents to Fastclip.

The awesome AI-tool, perfect for creating short videos has completed its alpha and beta stages and is ready to launch early this month.

The launch was on June 11. We created 20 pieces of content - spread between IG, LinkedIn, and TikTok - to bring awareness to the app and help it get visibility.

The launch day was a resounding one in terms of the performance of the content created and we worked on several strategies - including creating content on Reddit, a first for our clients - to bring in more attention to the giveaway associated to the launch.

A bit of a downside in this strategy - and something that will, ultimately hinder it - is that no ads were set up for it nor any social media platform beyond LinkedIn was active until the launch. 

In our opinion this is what will make the strategy fall short: no budget and no “warming” of social media accounts.

Still, they have an amazing product right now and we welcome you to check it out! Visit and try out their short video app! (it’s free btw)

We’re more streamlined than ever!

New clients have noticed this, we now have a lot of things optimized to make your experience the best possible during our meetings, onboarding and offboarding.

Meetings now have an awesome summary with active tasks prepared by AI immediately for us and for our clients. This helps make the follow-up emails clearer and more actionable.

We continue to optimize how we create content and keep on studying new features and improvements we can bring to all the websites we create.

We’re big fans of having an organized, panic-free process that makes us worry less about what to do and more about how to do what you need.

Once again, our new clients are already experiencing this and we feel they’re enjoying it (I’ll confess, I haven’t asked them directly yet).

We’ve improved our profile on Upwork

Yes, we have a profile on Upwork! This is to help bring eyes to us, and find potential clients and jobs that are interesting for us. 

You can find us here: Uzumibi Agency | Upwork Company Profile - Hire Today

We’ve been tidying it up and update the case studies/portfolio, add services and packages as well.

We’ve had someone contacting us after finding us on Upwork so it’s already working as intended for us!

And I believe that’s all from us in this update, which arrived a bit on top of the May 2024 update.

This has been an interesting journey so far - entrepreneurship is not easy, but we keep on aiming for that goal of being a 20K/month agency, providing the best services ever to our clients, helping them improve their online presence, and having fun doing what we love as a full-time job.

We will get there, I’m sure of it.

Let’s keep the focus on the goal and let our work speak for this awesome agency!

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