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April 8, 2024


Building a Digital Marketing Agency in Public | March 2024

And we’re back for another update on everything behind the scenes at Uzumibi Agency!

If you’ve wondered how it is to create a digital marketing agency, this is the article for you. 

Ready? Buckle up and let’s go!

The lows

Portfolio continues sort of empty:

Now, we’ve mentioned this was one of the biggest problems we were facing. We’ve gone to the drawing board with this one to check what we could do to improve things.

We’ve already got a strategy prepared and the truth is, the potential clients we’ve been talking to have been quite open about the possibility of us featuring their work on the website!

So while this is a “low”, it’s slowly turning into a “high” for us.

Here’s to hoping we get more and more clients and that they are open to featuring their work in our live portfolio!

Long hours preparing proposals, no replies

This month we’ve spent quite a while preparing proposals for some of the website development calls we got.

Out of all, only one is being considered - as we got feedback from the company in question - while we were ghosted by all other companies.

It’s a bit frustrating that we spend a lot of time creating tailormade proposals but then we get either put aside in favor of cheaper offers - which we can’t and won’t compete with - or we’re simply ignored because we’re new in the market.

Either way, this negative ends up improving our proposals and pitches to other companies so not everything is bad.

Our LinkedIn page is crawling

It’s taking its time and keeps on seeing really small increments on the number of followers we have on LinkedIn but oh boy, this is frustrating.

We’re focusing a lot on content creation for LinkedIn. There you can find tips, industry insights, news, tools we use and memes, among many other things.

There’s no shortage of cool content. Growth is happening but really slowly though.

The highs

Our 1st award is here (and we didn’t pay for it!)

Recently, we won the Best Boutique Web & App Design Agency 2024 - Portugal at the prestigious Innovation in Business MarTech Awards!

This was a crazy thing to happen to us, especially in a month in which we were so focused on content creation and proposal drafting. Although we had been shortlisted back in December 2023, we actually didn’t expect to win anything (after all our portfolio is still small and we’re fairly new as an agency in the digital marketing scene).

But would you look at that! We actually got an award for potential as a web and app design agency. 

It’s not every day this happens - especially because we will never pay for any awards like digital marketing agencies usually do - and especially for our specialization it is crazy.

Congratulations are in order for our small, passionate team!!

2 new clients:‍

Yes, you read it well! We have two new clients although both arrived in a sort of “free” way.

We are currently working with a professional making a career transition and wanting to focus on content creation on LinkedIn and, on the other hand, we’re officially working with Fastclip, an AI-powered tool that automatically generates short-form content from long-form videos. 

Just like us, they’re an awesome team from Portugal with a product with a lot of potential, especially as LinkedIn has recently announced they will be testing vertical video in the platform in a sort of Tiktok for professionals fashion.

They’ve both agreed to have a case study in our portfolio so look forward to it!

And that’s all for this update!

If you have feedback or know someone in need of top-notch web and app development or content creation, connect with us! We're ready to bring you exceptional services and share the exciting news of our first paycheck.

Building a digital marketing agency is not easy but we aim at making this our full-time job.

Let’s keep on working hard!

We hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look and look forward to our monthly updates!

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