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December 15, 2023


We've been shortlisted in the MarTech Awards 2024 by Innovation In Business

And would you look at that!

We've been shortlisted in the MarTech Awards 2024 by Innovation In Business! 🎉

Our work and excitement about AI and its uses to simplify processes, complementing our core work, is at the basis of this shortlisting.

We're still a speck in the middle of the wide marketing landscape - 6 months old - but we are slowly and surely working towards our expertise making a difference.

When we started this agency in August 2023, we didn't have the objective of being nominated for any awards. Nope. that was not our focus.

We've worked for companies - on the business side - and digital agencies - on the creative side like we are right now - and we are well aware that most awards digital agencies brag about were paid for.

Few are those that award creativity, hard work and innovation without you having to "pay" for it.

This time around, when we opened our email, we were first doubtful - it could be spam - and then excited, as it seems our website and still the few work we have here on display were enough to earn us a nomination.

A nomination. On merit alone.


For our team - content creation and web dev - this is already a big win for us.

We're a boutique digital marketing agency. We are doing what we love and we know the struggles of having and not having clients in an irregular basis. We know how hard it is standout when other agencies have budgets for media boosting their services.

So to be nominated is already a massive honor.

Once again, we don't want to win anything, we know we are still not in a position to do so. But it put a massive smile on our faces as we saw a bit of recognition for our work.

We're starting to build our portfolio - to become more robust than what we currently have - so we're accepting one-off or short term website development or content creation projects!

Get in touch with us through the CONTACT US page!

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