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June 23, 2024


Building a Digital Marketing Agency in Public | May 2024

Would you look at that!! We’re arriving so late for another update! (Apologies if you were looking for it early this month!)

So, we have a couple of updates for you all on how Uzumibi Agency is getting by.

We have closed a big project - a website behemoth - and delivered it to the client. And we have collaborated - albeit for free - with some people trying out some of our services.

Let’s talk about the lows and the highs (We have to wrap up with the good stuff):


Pitched to more clients… we were ghosted

Nothing feels worse than being ghosted. We’re not even going to say “ghosted by a client”. I’m talking about being ghosted in general.

It hurts even more when it's a potential client that was over the moon with us from all the talks we had and then they went from intense communication to complete silence as soon as they received our proposal.

Word of mouth is more effective than cold emailing but oh boy, is it still hard

We’ve been running through our contacts and talking with friends, asking them to recommend or, at least, refer us to someone who may need our services.

Oh yeah, we’ll do.” Then, silence.

Who said prospecting is easy? Because it isn’t. Or we just suck at prospecting - which could be valid as well.


A massive website created on Webflow was delivered!

And we’re so proud of how it turned out! We’ve created a website for the tech recruitment agency Hiire.

They had a really simple, “under-leveled” website built with a no-code builder that barely could work well.

We arrived to craft a website on Webflow that has a smooth navigation, is optimized for search engines (SEO) and that can scale with the company.

If they grow a lot, this website is so well created that, with a few tweaks, it can match their growth. That’s a lot of time that they save (And potentially, time hiring someone to do that for them).

This was a massive project occupying the entirety of May 2024.

By the end of the month we got the final okay, the website went live and we were paid.

Now, this felt really good.

Finally, a project that fits our skills like a glove. Finally, we have a case study to show you how the work went, what were the challenges they had and how we solved and more.

Check it out here: Hiire Website: A new home for the tech recruitment agency - Uzumibi Agency

We’re so proud of this website and what we accomplished as a small team.

May this open the doors for many more projects like this that can help us grow as an agency!

And that’s all for this quick update on what we’ve been doing - or did in May 2024.

A quick note

By the way, do you know anyone who struggles with a slow, underperforming website who is looking to bring in leads through it to grow their business?

We’re taking in 2 clients and offering them a special discount -> your webflow website will be 2500€ only. Message us with the word "UzuWEB" and the discount will be yours!


- This discount doesn’t apply to to e-commerce websites (as those are massive in scale and require lots of integrations and extra security measures).

Let us know if there’s someone who may need our services or if you’d like to work with us for a project of yours!


Use the contact us page for that: Contact Us - Let's book a discovery call (

See you all in the next update (which will be… fairly soon)!

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