About The Project

Client Introduction:

Hiire is a tech recruitment company with clients all around Europe. They have an efficient, streamlined and humane approach to recruitment, something that easily sets them apart from other companies in the same field.

This startup puts a big emphasis on its transparent recruitment processes and the care for both the client and candidate, not leaving anyone hanging, waiting for updates or a reply.

As they've grown internally, they wanted to have a robust website that went from looking "too basic" to being prepared to welcome bigger clients and house many more things that, up until they met us, they didn't have on their original website.

As such, in April 2024, they came to us with a big challenge.


Hiire's website, built in a no-code builder, couldn't support their growth. It lacked essential features, was poorly optimized for search engines (SEO), and presented information confusingly. They needed a complete website revamp.

The original website:

  • had been created in a no-code builder,
  • had no service pages,
  • lacked a footer,
  • didn't have a blog,
  • was not responsive,
  • didn't have a tag structure,
  • wasn't optimized for search engines (SEO),
  • had a poor page structure & broken links,
  • didn't have meta tags, meta images, meta descriptions,
  • the information presented in a confusing way for the visitor,
  • ALT-Descriptions and H1 titles were nowhere to be found,
  • the contact us form led outside of the website and was clunky,
  • among many other issues.


  • Webflow Development: We built a robust website on Webflow, a platform known for its design flexibility and scalability. This ensured a website that could grow with Hiire's business.
  • Content & Structure Revamp: We restructured the content, creating 18 new pages (static and dynamic) including service pages, a blog, and a careers section. We ensured clear navigation and a user-friendly experience.
  • SEO Optimization: We implemented best practices for SEO, including keyword research, meta tag optimization, title tag creation, and internal linking structure.
  • Human-Centered Design:  We created a visually appealing design that reflected Hiire's brand identity and focus on human connection. This included high-quality visuals, consistent branding elements, and clear calls to action.
  • Integration with their ATS: we brought the job openings - which were housed in a completely different website - to Hiire's official website. For that, we integrated their ATS' (Teamtailor) API in this new website, mirroring the job openings. Now, candidates don't have to visit two websites to apply for a job. Less clicks, more engagement in return.

Time to create:

We took 1 week to create the structure of the website.

After that we added an additional week to develop the new pages, add new functionalities - the integration with the ATS API -, added all the copy (and helped with writing of copy that would be clear and actionable), internal and external linking and migrated content + domain.

After two weeks of solid development, 1 for additional development after feedback and a 2nd and final round of feedback that gave way to little details to perfect on the website, we completed it.

We took - including sprints and touch points with the client for feedback - a total of 4 weeks developing this behemoth of a website!


  • Enhanced Brand Image: The new website effectively communicated Hiire's values and unique approach, attracting potential clients and candidates who resonate with their agency.
  • Scalable Platform: Built on Webflow, the website allows Hiire to easily add new features and content as their needs evolve. The website will grow with the company.
  • We will add more results soon. We are monitoring the performance of the website during its first month - June 2024 - and will update this section accordingly.


    Uzumibi Agency successfully transformed Hiire's online presence. The new website is now a powerful tool for attracting new business, showcasing Hiire's expertise, and reinforcing their commitment to a human-centered and transparent approach to recruitment.

    A word from our client:

    It was great to have a team that really cares about the quality of what they are building. If you are looking for an agency you can trust, they are the ones! :) - Gonçalo Sequeira, Hiire CEO and Founder

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