About The Project

Client Introduction:

Fastclip official website/landing page
Fastclip's official website

Fastclip is an AI tool developed focused on saving time to content creators wanting to turn their long-form videos into shareable clips.

It empowers creators to automatically generate engaging short-form content from their long-form videos, perfect for platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.


Fastclip, despite offering a valuable solution for busy creators, lacked a consistent social media presence to reach its target audience. They needed a strategy to build brand awareness, generate leads, and increase website traffic – particularly on the professional platform, LinkedIn.

Start of this collaboration:

April 2024

Social media platforms:


We partnered with Fastclip to develop a LinkedIn strategy focused on:

  • Content Creation: We crafted compelling copy and designed eye-catching static images for regular posts, polls, and engaging videos for their demos.
  • Demo-Style Videos: To showcase Fastclip's capabilities in action, we created short "demo" style videos highlighting new features and updates.
  • Problem-Focused Approach: Our core strategy centered on addressing a major pain point for Fastclip's target audience - the lack of time to create captivating short-form content.

Results (Month 1):

Within the first month of collaboration, Uzumibi Agency's strategic approach yielded impressive results on Fastclip's LinkedIn page:

  • Increased Followers:  A significant increase in Fastclip's follower base, demonstrating growing brand awareness and community engagement.
  • Boosted Impressions: Impressions, which represent the number of times Fastclip's content appeared on LinkedIn feeds, saw a substantial rise, amplifying their reach.
  • Engaged Unique Visitors: A notable rise in unique visitors to the Fastclip's LinkedIn page, result of the strategy implemented (including employer branding).

The linkedin metrics for you to see (April 2024, month in which we started working with Fastclip)

Let's go technical:

  • Follower Growth: 116,7% increase in followers in the first month.
  • Impression Growth: 404,2% increase in impressions, expanding brand reach.
  • Unique visitors: 57,3% increase in unique visitors to Fastclip's LinkedIn page.

The next steps with Fastclip include:

  • Landing page copy revamped
  • Bring more consistency to their presence
  • More content for the next couple of months
  • Adapt communication to be more on top of current events
  • Reinforce best employer branding practices

We are currently in a long partnership with fastclip so we will be updating this case study/portfolio every 3 months.

Does your innovative tech startup need a strategic social media presence? Let us craft a winning strategy for you!  

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